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This season is the BEST TIME ever to invest in family memories that grow around a custom outdoor patio and stone terraces that transform your backyard. For over two decades GA Landscape Design has been designing and building luxury outdoor living spaces and stone terraces in the New Jersey area.
Do you have terrace or patio idea to extend the warmth and pleasures of your home to the great outdoors? Do you need more patio space for entertaining?

Our expert designers will create a design according to your needs and transform your yard into your favorite getaway spot. Working with the design and style of your house and the layout of your outdoor space, plus anything else you’re looking to add to enhance your outdoor space (such as a custom in-ground swimming pool, a waterfall, an outdoor kitchen, etc.), whether you require a tranquil retreat for quiet evenings or family-fun gathering spaces, we’ll design and build a unique custom patio or stone terrace that complements your lifestyle.

Our hands-on approach and attention to detail will transform your backyard into your “Dream Backyard Oasis”. From designer details, to custom outdoor patios and stone terraces to luxurious gardens with intricate lighting  - GA Landscape Design has the experience and talent to bring your dream to life!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Balcony and Roof Top Gardening

If you don't have a ground-level yard, a balcony or rooftop can supply space for growing and gathering.

By Kelly Roberson (Better Home and Garden Magazine)

Sky-High View
    A rooftop patio space offers soothing respite.
    Gravel is an interesting alternative to hard-surface flooring. It provides a softer floor for feet and offers excellent drainage, too.
    Built-in brick planters create a textural counterpoint to the poured concrete walls.
    In tall spaces such as rooftops, trees are essential for shade and privacy.
    Select sturdy outdoor furniture that can hold up to high winds and other tough weather.
    A soft groundcover shields the ground around the container-planted trees.

An Intimate Nook
    A small balcony provides a just-right open-air hideout.
    There are a host of all-weather rugs that are beautiful and heavy-duty. This one picks up on the neutral palette in the cushions.
    In place of built-ins, furniture placement orients the view on this balcony.
    Dwarf tree and shrub varieties are top picks for balconies; they offer contained growth while softening the edges of a landscape.
    Another good option for balconies: moveable benches, which provide both extra seating and table surface.
    To stash outdoor accessories in the off-season, acoffee table opens up for storage.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Front Yard Landscape Secrets

Front Yard Landscape Secrets

Add value to your home by increasing curb appeal with an attractive, functional, front-yard landscape.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Urban Transformation

Our clients needed an outdoor space for entertaining guests as well as relaxing at the end of the day. But with the current condition of their backyard, they initially thought it might not be possible. There is no privacy, the backyard is small, grass is not growing because of limited sunlight, and they have a drainage issue.

G.A. Landscape Design team sat down and created 2 amazing concepts for them. This is the concept they really loved the most.

Transformation process:

A blank canvass

The transformation...

Natural bluestone patio with brick border

A garden delight

A view from the reflection area

Small Outdoor Spaces: A well-designed space can be functional and beautiful at the same time.

We created several areas for the homeowners to enjoy. A small lawn area, space for grill, seating and dining area. Surround it with the different colors and textures of plants and trees.

Who would not love to see the beautiful watermelon-colored flowers of the Crape Myrtle?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Westfield Backyard Transformation

A snapshot of what the backyard looked like before the transformation

The backyard was a non-usable space with a major drainage issue. We created a design the client loved. We installed a drainage system: then we created an outdoor space where the whole family can hang out, play and entertain. A custom free-form patio with seating walls and a pergola were constructed. A waterfall was built to add tranquility in the environment. It provides calming and soothing sound of water and the plants around it, provides texture and color all year round.

New Outdoor Living Space that fits homeowners' lifestyle

Perfect place to unwind after a long day at work. Sipping wine and enjoying the soothing and calming sound of the splashing water from the waterfall....

A variety of plants that complements each other in texture, color and appearance....

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Blend Creativity With Artistry

G.A. Landscape Design and Associates Blend Creativity With Artistry

By Kerry Law11/9/2009

WESTFIELD, NJ - Kurt Bongiovanni didn’t get into the landscape design profession to get his hands dirty. Bongiovanni was drawn to the profession due to the creativity it offered. "I used to work for another landscape business, but felt like my creativity was being withheld, so I chose to open my own landscape company where I could showcase my artistic talents in landscape design."
Since opening its doors in 1990, G.A. Landscape Design and Associates has served the counties of Union, Somerset, Middlesex, Morris, Essex and Hunterdon. The business staffs five full-time employees and 10 seasonal employees. Bongiovanni named the company after his mother, the late Geraldine Ann Reinfurt Bongiovanni, who inspired her son with her love of nature and generous spirit. The company captures this spirit in their business, the goal of which is to "create magnificent outdoor spaces where clients can enjoy the splendors of nature all year long."
In addition to being the owner and project construction manager at G.A., Bongiovanni is a master gardener, certified landscape designer and attends classes related to the landscape design profession.


"I like to say that we work with earth, water and fire. Earth is clearly the landscape work. Water is usually something along the lines of a soothing waterfall, pool or fountain. The fire aspect generally involves incorporating an outdoor fireplace of some kind," Bongiovanni said.
After an initial consultation, a landscape design plan is put into place. This plan may include details such as an excavation plan, plantscape and hardscape plans, lighting designs, and drainage/irrigation plans. "Many companies call themselves a landscape design company and I respect that. However, in order to be in the design profession, you really need to provide the clients with a design plan. When working on a project, we may offer multiple design plans for clients to choose from," Bongiovanni stated.
From there, Bongiovanni’s team will create a complete landscape solution for the client’s outdoor living space. This includes detailed, hand-drawn renderings of the project.
Bongiovanni stresses that client input is important in every step of the way. "Our objective is to meet and exceed client expectations. Whatever our client has in mind, we want to do that and then take it just a little step further."

Depending on the scope of the project, several landscape construction options are available.
These include:
· Custom stone patios, walks, retaining walls, seating walls and driveways
· Natural stone patios, walkways and concrete block walls
· Swimming pools, ponds, fountains, pondless waterfalls and other water features
· Decorative decks, trellises, pergolas and arbors
· Layout and installation of seed and sod lawns, planting beds
· Selection and planting of trees, shrubs, perennials and ground covers
· Irrigation
· Landscape Lighting Systems
· Drainage including swales, French drains, dry wells and corrective grading

G.A. also offers accent lighting services in order to beautify an outdoor living space. Accent lighting can enhance beauty and showcase different features to create a soft ambiance to the home and yard.

Property management and landscape maintenance services are available at G.A. This includes reseeding, fertilization, edging, mulching, planting and pruning. Bongiovanni added, "Basically, we want people come home to tranquility. When they are home, we want them to feel like they are in their own stress-free oasis."

G.A.’s website highlights many of the designs they have created for their clients and provides a wealth of information on their services.

Their web site can be found at

G.A. Landscape Design and Associates can be reached by phone at 908.789.1859 and by e-mail at

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Holiday Decorating Services for 2009

G.A. Landscape Design is proud to introduce its Holiday Decorating Services for the 2009 season!
With 15 years experience in both interior and
exterior holiday decorating our Designer, Joe
will make this holiday season sparkle!
It begins with an in-home consultation.

Allow G.A. Landscape to create a one-of-a-kind
holiday design for your home. Integrated into all
our designs are clients' holiday heirlooms.
Let us show you!

Call today 908.789.1859 or email to set up a home

Thursday, September 3, 2009


We are officially launching our company Blog page.

We will update this site with latest landscape trends, landscape ideas and tips, industry insights, updates and photos of new projects (before, during and after installation).

Stay tune for more!